Let Sleeping Dragons Lie – SOLD


After enhancing the Avebury beech roots with a touch of fantasy, I began looking around for similar sources to manipulate. Beech trees were obviously a good place to start, and the beech hanger on nearby Nuthanger Down sprang to mind. It is cut through by a (very) minor road and is it is quite accessible, but probably not a place to linger; I took many of my source photographs from the middle of the steeply winding road itself.

This time, I used a brown ink: Noodler’s Walnut Brown ink (which I think is based on the colour of walnut ink, but probably isn’t made from walnuts). This ink is only partially “bulletproof”, which means that it can be partially washed out and may change colour if exposed to UV light (however, my short tests on a sunny windowsill haven’t demonstrated any noticeable change to date).

I had a bit of trouble “finding” the dragons at Nuthanger. Of course, it’s a winter scene (January) and the dragons were asleep. I was quite taken by their mossy blankets.

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie, ink on paper, 29 x 29 cm

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

Ink on paper, 29 x 29 cm
£60, mounted to fit 50 x 50 cm frame