The yew tree portrayed here is on Merrow Down near Guildford, Surrey. It is probably not the largest or the oldest tree at that site (its regularity and lack of visible hollowing suggests a relative youthfulness), but it is, nonetheless, massive.

“Behemoth” is a biblical word that refers to a giant beast. However, over time it has become a common English metaphor for any oversized entity, and the word seems to fit the yew (both the species and this particular instance) very well.


ink on paper, 60 x 42 cm, mounted to 80 x 60 cm in ice white,
framed: flat profile brown wood frame approx. 5cm wide, glass.


Media Note: indian ink on Gerstaecker cartridge paper for ink (a very smooth, white paper; acid free, 250gsm). Drawn with a “safety” fountain pen (the Noodler’s Ink Boston).