This is an oak tree that stands by the side of the main road as it bypasses the village. It is part of a narrow wood that screens the backs of some houses from the traffic. Judging from its size, I’d guess that it is about 300 years old – far older than both the bypass and the houses it protects.

The wooded area that the tree is in is quite overgrown, and the best view for my purposes was that from the road. Fortunately, the central reservation of the dual carriageway there is large and grassy, so I felt safe enough taking photographs to use as source material for this large drawing.


38.5 x 48.5 cm, indian ink on paper, mounted to 50 x 60 cm and framed.


Materials note: I used Platinum Carbon ink, which is a refined indian ink, in specially designed Platinum Carbon fountain pens, on Daler Rowney smooth heavyweight paper (220gsm, acid-free). The mount uses Gerstaecker black core mount card.