Month: March 2020

Idyll (with tyre swing)

The River Test has its notional source in the downs a mile from the village of Overton in north Hampshire. Last September, I used the public footpaths to follow the river between its source and Overton, where it once powered several mills. The source itself was dry, which surprised me. I later discovered that the


This is a managed beechwood on the edge of parkland near Basingstoke, Hampshire. The drawing takes a different tack to most of my recent depictions of beech trees; instead of idiosyncratic convolutions or showy colours, here is a quiet, peaceful orderliness… Beechwood 16″ x 12″, Indian ink on kaolin-coated board, framed (black-painted wood, tray style)


Danebury hillfort, located between Andover and Stockbridge in Hampshire, has a fine collection of beech trees. I’m told that the beechwood once extended over the whole site, but that the county council, who maintain the site, cut it back to reveal the splendid earthworks. By the main entrance to the fort, two or three beeches