Persistence – SOLD


Trees are remarkably good at growing amongst rocks. It’s surprising that such a big plant can manage to thrive in such an inhospitable sort of place, but it seems that tree roots are very good at growing down through fissures in rocks and accessing underground water reserves/

Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire, lies on volcanic rock and the park’s great oaks seem to congregate around the outcrops. Bradgate was a medieval deer park and was subsequently owned by the family of Lady Jane Grey. It is now owned by “the people of Leicestershire” and operated as a public country park by a Trust.

This drawing shows an oak growing on a rock outcrop located on the edge of the “Little Matlock” area in the park, and within sight of the ruins of Bradgate House.

Persistence, 12″ x 16″, ink on kaolin-coated board


12″ x 16″, Indian ink on kaolin-coated board