Lean on Me (with video)


This piece was done as a demo for Basingstoke Art Club, which I am a member of. I was originally asked to do a short talk on my techniques for the AGM Zoom meeting, but – as I’m not a very confident talker – I decided that I needed visual props. A video seemed like a good idea, so I set my phone up above the board and got to work. Unfortunately, it was very long and really rather boring, with no obvious highlights. When I speeded it up, it was much better.

Here is 3 hours work in just over two minutes:

It took another hour and a half to finish the drawing.

I have a series of posts that give details of the boards and pens that I use etc:

Lean on Me, ink on Kaolin, 14 x 11 inches

Lean on Me

Indian ink on kaolin-coated board,

14 x 11 inches