Interior 1 (Woodcott)


This is a drawing, on paper, of half of an ancient churchyard yew which has split into two parts. We’re looking at the hollowed-out inside of the tree, with what looks like several well established aerial roots.

The tree is fascinating, with an array fascinating shapes ripe for imaginative interpretation.

Interior 1 (Woodcott), ink on paper (mounted), 48 x 38 cm (60 x 59 cm)

I used a “partially bulletproof” fountain pen ink (Noodler’s Walnut, a rich, warm dark brown) for this drawing. As it’s not a pigment based ink, I don’t use it on kaolin (the dyes in it sink into an absorbent surface and scraping techniques are less effective). In my tests, the ink is light-fast but not waterproof.