SOLO EXHIBITION 21 October – 22 December 2022 at NEW ERA theatre, Newbury – EXTENDED to 04 February 2023

The word “sylva” means “the trees in a certain area”. As such, it seemed like the perfect title for an exhibition of my tree drawings, which are almost all within 20 miles of my home. I was offered the opportunity to stage a solo exhibition at the New Era theatre in Newbury by the curator, Jim Crockatt.

The exhibition is up now, but, due to the nature of the venue, access is limited. It’s open to the general public three times, on the Saturday “coffee mornings” noted on the poster: 12 November, 19 November, 10 December. You can see the exhibition if you go to the theatre to see The Whole Truth in December. Or you can contact me and I can arrange a time for a viewing.

The drawing featured in the poster is called Grip.

STOP PRESS: Extra Coffee Mornings have been added on 21 January and 04 February 2023.

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