Decomposure – SOLD


I’m not entirely sure what these mushrooms are, but, as they are growing on a dead tree stump, it’s reasonable to assume that they’re part of the forest’s recycling process, promoting rot or decomposition. The title is an invented word, intended to evoke this idea, among others.

I’ve become quite interested in funghi, not least because of recent research concerning the “wood wide web”, the mycorhizal network of funghi and roots that allows trees to communicate with each other. And then there are the visual appearances of the fruiting bodies (which we call mushrooms and toadstools) in autumn. They are strange and intriguing. I particulaly liked being able to see both the complete domes of the caps and the frilly gills where they have been damaged.

Ink on kaolin-coated board, 12 x 16″

Completed December 2022
Sold April 2023 at AppArt