The Green Man Series (Linocut)


Every now and then I do a bit of relief printmaking. It’s generally single-block, one-colour work, although I have experimented with a “jigsaw” approach to colour and with colour blends on the roller (known as “ombre”). This series uses a blend of green, yellow and yellow ochre; the subtlety of this depends on when a print was made during a print session as well as my original placement of inks on the slab. It tends to blend more completely (to a single colour) in time.

The green men started as a sort of doodle in linocut. The very first one isn’t really part of the series – unlike the others, he does not represent a single type of tree.

The odd green man out

He will be printed as a greetings card. The rest – and there are more than ten in the series now – are all going to printed as editions of 20 on Japanese Hosho paper. I’m also reserving 5 imprints for a Special Project, which will use different paper and be a different format. The print size is roughly 10 x 15 cm, the paper is 20 x 28 cm.

I intend to put these in my web shop when Open Studios is over, in June. [EDIT, November: Still pending… ] They will be £10 each plus p&p. In the meantime, please do contact me if you are interested in buying one or more.