Deep Green


Hungers Lane near Petworth is a sunken lane that was formerly the main road from Chichester to London. It was abandoned when Capability Brown remodelled Petworth Park along with the subsequent relocation of Tillington village in the 1750s and 60s.

The National Trust, Where to see sunken lanes

At the Petworth end, Hungers Lane is relatively tame, with lowish, sloping banks and relatively little rock visible. But by the time it comes back out onto the road network (at Rotherbridge Lane, a minor road), it has developed sheer cliffs on either side, almost cave- or tunnel-like with a roof of inclined tree trunks. It’s pretty dark in there andy not a little damp. This drawing shows the area just before the sides draw in to their steepest and narrowest, looking back towards Petworth. It’s quite moist even here, and the rocks were bright green with moss in May, when I visited.

Ink on kaolin-coated board, 12″ x 16″.