Kaolin-coated boards (2: larger work)

See also Kaolin-coated boards (1: small work) and Hampshire Open Studios. Three larger works made on Claybord, in both monochrome ...
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Kaolin-coated boards (1: small work)

Kaolin, or china clay, is the principle ingredient in scraperboard (UK) or scratchboard (US), a medium that has long been ...
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Hampshire Open Studios

This year I will be at Folly Farm Studios with the ceramicist Ursula Waechter. Folly Farm lies in a beautiful ...
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This yew tree grows on the bank of a small local stream. It's no ancient giant, but it is a ...
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Dynarow Zawn

De Narrow Zawn is a tiny inlet in Cornwall's "tin coast", a World Heritage site littered with the ruins of ...
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The yew tree portrayed here is on Merrow Down near Guildford, Surrey. It is probably not the largest or the ...
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