She Moves Through the Fair


Song Drawing, 2015 9″x12″, mixed media on paper.

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Song Drawing, 2015 9″x12″, mixed media on paper.

She Moves Through theĀ  Fair (trad. / Padraic Collum)

A beautiful Irish song that has alternate lyrics and different tunes. My version is heavily influenced by All About Eve’s (who, in turn, were probably influenced by Fairport Convention). Julianne Regan, the singer in All about Eve, told me that my visuals were just how she had imagined the song herself. If you look closely, you might spot Robin Hood, who was hoping to sell his goose in Nottingham, but got a bit lost.

I can’t sing, so these “song drawings” were my personal interpretations, or “cover versions”, of favourite songs, ranging from pop and rock to blues and folk (and one classical piece).They are all nominally 9 x 12 inches, on high quality heavy weight paper, and will be shipped in a card backed envelope. Shipping to the UK Is inclusive. Please contact me for international shipping rates.