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Filigree – SOLD

This third beech tree in Selborne Hanger has a remarkable little cavern beneath its exposed roots, probably due to erosion. The roots form an open lattice – a “filigree” – over the space on the uphill side. The tree is at the foot of the hanger, very close to a stile where a footpath enters the

Enigma – SOLD

This very distinctive and characterful beech tree sits on the lip of a hollow in the hillside at Selborne, its triangular mass of exposed roots gracefully supporting it. I started to draw it on A3 paper but it didn’t feel right, so I switched to A2, creating my largest fountain pen drawing to date. I

Selborne Beech – SOLD

The village of Selborne in Hampshire is known as the former home (now a museum) of the eighteenth century naturalist Gilbert White. It also has a rather splendid beech hanger (a hanger is a wood on a steep slope). I recently spent some lovely time in that hanger, and this is one of the beech trees

Harlequin (West Woodhay Down)

Last Wednesday was warm and dry, perfect weather for sitting on a hill and painting. I decided to find another open access hillside, and settled upon West Woodhay Down – about 12 miles distant, and a place that I had previously walked and sketched but not painted. Named for the Berkshire village that lies a