Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
relating to the use of the website at the internet domain amandabatesart.co.uk/ (referred to in this document as “the website”). It includes all sites, blogs, archives and sub-sites that use the domain amandabatesart.co.uk/.
which is owned and operated by Amanda Bates, artist and sole trader, of 29 South Road, Kingsclere, RG20 5RY (referred to in the first person, that is, “I” or “me”). The second person (that is, “you”), is used in this document to refer to anyone other than me who uses the website.

About the website
The website is provided for your interest and enjoyment, and for you to consider the purchasing or commissioning of artwork. There is no obligation to buy or to consider buying, but it would be very nice if you do.

Linking to the website
You may freely link to the site and to content within the site, as long as you say nice things (or at the very least don’t say unpleasant or defamatory things). Any images used without context should be explicitly credited.

Copyright and freedom of information
All artwork, graphics and text on this site and represented by images on this site is my copyright unless otherwise stated and should not be copied in any way without prior permission (this includes digital, manual and optical copying). Exceptions are made in the following cases:
– fair use, as legally defined
– for educational purposes
But even in these cases, it is right and proper to acknowledge the authorship of original work.

All information provided on this site, such as it is, is provided free of charge.

Your privacy
Your privacy is important to me. Everyone has a right to privacy. I have no interest in undermining anyone’s privacy.
1. Mailing list
You may subscribe to my electronic mailing list if you so wish. I’m just going to call it my mailing list from now on. I use Mailchimp to operate it, and they hold the required data on my behalf. If you decide to join my mailing list, I ask for your name (optional) and an e-mail address (it won’t work without one of those). I will not pass any of these details on to anyone else. I won’t use them for any other purpose. You can unsubscribe at any time. I think that covers it.
2. Contacting me
If you contact me directly I will not use any data that you allow me to have for any other purpose other than to reply to you regarding the nature of your enquiry and any issues that arise because of your enquiry. I may enquire if you wish to hear from me again in the future, either as part of my mailing list (see above) or in regard to a specific matter. I may also contact you in order to request a testimonial, if it is relevant.
3. The Privacy Policy describes in detail how the WordPress platform makes use of personal data.

Purchases and Commissions
“Purchase” indicates you buying a pre-made work of art from me. I only talk about direct purchase in this document – purchases via galleries or other exhibition venues are likely to be through the agency of another person or organisation.
“Commission” indicates you engaging me to make a new work of art to specifications agreed between us. A separate contract, written or otherwise, will govern the specific transaction.
1. General waffle
All works of art are inherently unique. Therefore all work is “sold as seen”, because it’s visual art and you’re kind of meant to look at it. Also, I cannot exactly replicate a previous work.
All work offered for sale is direct from the artist, that is, me.
Some work may have been previously exhibited. This is often seen as a good thing. I do not generally specify exhibition histories, but can provide the information on request.
Work may be shown on the website before it is dry enough to take away. This largely applies to oil paintings, which do take a long time to dry. With the techniques that I use, it takes at least one to three weeks (depending on the weather) before a painting is dry enough to take away. It may be longer before it is ready to be “contact framed” (by which I mean a traditional frame that covers the very edges of the front of the painting), and up to two years before final varnishing can be applied (temporary varnish can be applied after six months). I therefore sell most of my oil paintings unvarnished. I will varnish them on request after the appropriate time has elapsed. The varnishing service is free, but any transport costs incurred are at your expense.
Acrylic paintings are usually sold with a quality, removeable, artist’s varnish applied.
1a. Frames
I am not in the business of selling frames, but some of my work is sold in frames. I generally charge a little more for framed work, mainly because it costs money to frame things, even if I do most of the work myself. You are welcome to ask me to remove a frame if you don’t want it (I may be able to reuse the frame), or to enquire after framing a piece. It should be noted that I generally frame for exhibition purposes, which is in part to protect the work of art itself, and which may not be to the same exacting standards as a professional framer. It should be noted that frames do occasionally get knocked or suffer minor damage as part of the process of exhibition.
2. Methods of direct purchase
2a. In person. You may visit my studio by appointment, either to view work that you have a prior interest in (whether seen on the website or elsewhere), to browse work that is currently on show, or for the purposes of discussion (this is deliberately left vague). Appointments are not required during specified Open Studio times. If a personal visit is possible, it is recommended (particularly for larger pieces), as you get to see the work before buying and there is no need for shipping.
2b. Online. All work is sold as seen. Photographs on the website will always be of the specific work in question and are adjusted only to take into account minor photographic errors. Additional photographs can be sent if required.
3. Payment is accepted via Paypal, BACS, personal cheque, cash or credit card. Clearance of funds may be required before shipping.
4. Shipping is made on the understanding that it represents a risk. I will pack securely and in a way that should protect the artwork from reasonable shipping hazards. Discussion of the required level of shipping service may precede a sale. In the case of proven loss or damage during shipping, I will refund you and take the matter up with the carrier. It should be noted that carriers do not always include insurance for works of art.
I do not ship glass. Most works on paper (which would normally be framed under glass) will be shipped as mounted items (with stiff card presentation) in suitable protective packaging.
5. I will only accept returns if the work does not meet reasonable expectations based on photographs previously made available to you.
6. Notes on commisions
Commissions are made-to-order paintings. They typically cost more than standard work because I am following your specifications, not my whim. I will only accept a commission if I feel that I am able to fulfill it in a satisfactory way. I wil endeavour to understand your requirements and some discussion may be required before the project can begin. Before commencing work, I will also ask for a deposit to pay for materials and other expenses. This deposit is non-refundable. I will update you on progress as appropriate. If, for some reason, you do not like the result, we can discuss remedies, but the work remains my property until it is fully paid for as agreed.

While large art prints (giclée) exist of some of my work, I do not routinely sell such prints. I do, however, regularly sell greetings cards featuring my work.
I retain the right to make and sell reproductions of my work, sold or otherwise.

These terms and conditions were written by me, Amanda Bates, in the plainest English that I was able to command.