Filigree – SOLD


This third beech tree in Selborne Hanger has a remarkable little cavern beneath its exposed roots, probably due to erosion. The roots form an open lattice – a “filigree” – over the space on the uphill side. The tree is at the foot of the hanger, very close to a stile where a footpath enters the wood. It lloked like someone had been making a den when I was there; there was a stack of sticks leaning against the roots to the right and some concrete blocks on the ground. I elected to omit both of these, which meant that I had to guess at some of the root-lattice structure.

Filigree, ink on paper, approx. 57 x 38 cm


ink on paper, approx. 57 x 38 cmm

£350 SOLD


Media note: Noodler’s bulletproof black ink on Daler-Rowney Smooth heavyweight paper (220gsm, acid-free)